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Interpret: compton s most wanted - Název: i mean biznez 

Písňové texty a překlad: compton s most wanted - i mean biznez Níže najdete písňové texty s překladem po straně! Na naší stránce najdete taky mnohem víc písňových překladů od compton s most wanted! Podívejte se na náš archív a jiné písničky, např. klikněte na písmeno c od compton s most wanted a podívejte, jaké další písničky od compton s most wanted máme v našem archívu, např. i mean biznez.


(Everything I do gon' be funky)

(This is serious business)

(I'm from Compton, so you should know the deal) (4x)

(This is serious business)

(Compton's in the house)

[ VERSE 1: MC Eiht ]

Let me explain the game that I'm performin

Before I get loced I give a warnin

Take cover, cause I blow up suckers like I'm atomic

Hittin harder than any, releasin rhymes like a bionic

Human, you're assumin that I've run out of luck

But I clock big bucks, so I don't give a fuck

If you play me, cause playin me means that you're jockin

For the food that I'm droppin and for the rhythms that I'm rockin

A criminal, recognized for rookies that I'm killin

Presidents I'm bankin for the raps that I'md ealin

So if you claim the fo', wanna go toe to toe

I got the heart to take you out with just one blow

Eiht means business

[ VERSE 2: The Chill ]

Here comes The Chill again

I drink gin to sin, because I'm in in to win

You want static? Punk, don't trip

Dope beats laid by DJ Slip

My lyrics go good with the groove

And while you're dazed, I pull a jack move

My rep never lets, no sucker slip behind me

Put the fools in check, so jack, don't even try me

Feelin like a villain cause I'm illin

And as I'm killin I'm chillin

And on the new jacks I'm stealin

Niggas gotta have it, girls wanna grab it

They on the tip like it's a habit

I mean business

(This is serious business)

(Cause I'm strictly business) (4x)

[ VERSE 3: MC Eiht ]

I'm kinda pissed off, because you thought we was flops

What? It's CMW, punk, it's time to get mopped

Listen closely to what it's about

It's a petition, so we can boot your punk-ass out

I guess it's your fault, because the E got the feelin

That, yeah, you be nothin but another mercy killin

It started, and I recruit you like a trooper

Snatchin all those stupid party poopers

I mean business, so yo, don't even try

And geah, the E is potent like some Chocolate Thai

Like a poet my poetry thumps

Stick in a tape and watch your system bump

[ VERSE 4: The Chill ]

You played yourself out for the last time, sucker

No way, no how, no need, you say, "What the?!"

Chill's on the mic goin wild

Buck the fake rap new jacks with my Compton style

And yeah, I do it better than most, cause I'm the C

Down with E, A-n-t and S-l-i-p

DJ Rockin Tom got the back, so yo

Master Rick kinda slick, down with Jolly Joe

I take care of business, first intuition

Cancel all the sorry competition

So witness, first class sign, you say, "What is this?"

Another funky rhythm, cause yo, I mean business

[ Eiht ] Yo, yo, check this out

Yeah, MC Eiht in the house

Compton's Most Wanted

I mean business

Yo Chill, tell these fools what's up

[ Chill ]

Alright, check this out

My name's The Chill

A/k/a The Hip-Hop Thug

You know

And I'm definitely meanin business

And I'm not takin no shorts

But yo

I'ma let y'all know who handlin business out there

My homeboy Crazy Tee, he handlin that business

My little homeboy Jonathan, he got that business

Hey yo, Eiht, what's up on that?

[ Eiht ]


I want y'all to know

My man DJ Slip means business

The Unknown DJ means business

My homeboy DJ Rockin Tom

Kickin it right now in the place means business

My DJ Ant C mean business

My homeboy Jolly Joe mean business

Master Rick kinda slick

Get off the tip


All y'all suckers out there tryin to fade

Hate the capital CMW

Y'all ain't got nothin comin

[ Chill ]


Nothin at all

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